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After taking the GMAT three times over the course of a year and having the highest score in the low 600s, I was extremely disappointed and defeated. I had read great reviews about TTP and after a friend's recommendation, I decided to sign up for the $1 trial. And I was sold. TTP superbly breaks down its program into modules of material you will see on the test, provides you with so many tips and tricks to solve problems, and most importantly gives a plethora of easy to hard problems for you to drill a certain topic until you are a pro. I made a game time decision to take the online version of the GMAT with two weeks to study. Each day, I used TTP for 2-4 hours, didn't even make it through every module, but still learned so many new concepts and created my own custom tests. During the actual test, I was nervous because I felt somewhat confident about the problems (weird, right?!) I ended up scoring 710 (Q47 V41). I can't even describe how amazing seeing the score was and I would not have been able to achieve that without TTP.

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