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About MBA Admit Consulting and Dr. Shel Watts

All clients of MBA work directly with our President, Dr. Shel Watts, a graduate of Harvard College (bachelor’s degree) and Oxford University (masters and doctoral degree).

In working with clients at MBA, Dr. Shel Watts draws on the expertise she has garnered from her past experience as a Harvard admissions worker, a Harvard alumni recruiter, a Harvard academic advisor, and an interview coach to students attending Harvard Business School.

Dr. Shel Watts has also helped young aspiring leaders to attain scholarships such as the Rhodes Scholarship, the Fulbright Scholarship and scholarships to top MBA programs.

Her record of success is exceptional.

Top business schools
Dr. Shel Watts helped young professionals to attain:

  • Harvard
  • Stanford
  • Wharton
  • Oxford
  • NYU
  • Duke
  • MIT
  • Kellog
  • Cornell
  • Columbia
  • UCLA
  • Yale
  • Berkeley
  • USC
  • UVA
  • The University of Chicago
  • Other MBA programs

Why MBA Admit


20 years of advising


Top business experience, received at McKinsey & Company and
Morgan Stanley.


Inside experience
with Harvard admissions.


Extensive experience
working with U.S.
and international


A team of advisors who are MBA graduates of Harvard Business School, Wharton, Stanford Business School, Columbia Business School and the Yale School of Management.


Top-notch writing
skills developed at
Harvard and

MBA Admit Services:


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Part-Time Programs

MBA Admit Success Stories

Great experience Anonymous

I definitely felt like I got honest and timely feedback from Shelly I was earlier dinged by my dream school, but after working with Shelly I was accepted in the first round. Given that this is a school known not to like reapps, I’d say HECK YEAH!

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Excellent abdullahrana

MBA Admit services were excellent, very affordable and flexible. It was an investment which later proved worth it, just as investing in a good B school is important similarly selecting a great consultant is important as well. My experience was a success story.

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Good and
affordable advice

Shelly really helped to craft my story, and tailor/correct the grammar part of my essays. The service was prompt, professional, and affordable - therefore I really recommend it to others.

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