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Magoosh GMAT Prep that's as smart as you are.

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Magoosh GMAT Product Tour:

Magoosh: GMAT Prep that's as smart as you are

Magoosh was founded by two MBA alums from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

Existing GMAT prep were ineffective, expensive, and inconvenient, so we created the GMAT prep product we wished we had. And you can have it at up to 75% off. Get your GMAT prep started today by clicking here.

Our key features:

Learn from 200 video lessons that teach you all the topics covered on the GMAT
Detailed results summary
Keep track of your answers
Use it anytime, anywhere
Stumped? Get help from our experts.
Customize your practice
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Over 700 practice questions in GMAT simulated environment
Access for 1 year
7-day money back guarantee. No strings attached
Score Guarantee
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Magoosh GMAT Prep Success Stories

GMAT Score 720 Christos Teriakidis

I took the test back in December 2009 but the result was quite disappointing since I scored 600. At that point I decided that I had to use different study materials. I found about Magoosh.

The questions offered me the opportunity to go through hundreds of questions that I realized – after taking the actual GMAT already at that time – were really challenging. This is because they required a lot of different clever tricks to solve them widening in this way my approach techniques to each kind of question.

Using Magoosh during my preparation helped me to improve dramatically, especially in verbal, and score a 720 in my second attempt.

GMAT Score 700 (Q48, V38) Amit

Three features in particular were very useful to me:
- First the flexibility to pick the number of questions in a practice session. Second, the dash board shows you how you compare with the rest of the test takers.
- Second the dash board shows you how you compare with the rest of the test takers.
- Third the video explanations. The explanations not only show you how to solve a problem but more importantly help you build a systematic approach that is essential to solving any gmat problem.
I have no doubt that the video explanations were instrumental in helping me get a 700+ score.

GMAT Prep Anne

The practice questions are similar to the ones appear on the GMAT.

You have an opportunity to go for a customized session and can solve questions on one topic only such as DS, PS, CR etc..

Also, the material is helpful to those who believe in self-study as it comes with video-explanations and can clear the doubts easily.

And seriously, the video makes the problem so simple that you gain confidence in DS and SCs..

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