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Gatehouse Admissions

Welcome to the new standard in MBA admissions consulting.

Liza Weale
Founder, Consultant

Liza Weale, Founder of Gatehouse Admissions, Consultant.

A former Bain & Company consultant and an MIT Sloan graduate, Liza brings discipline, logic, and curiosity to her consulting, enabling hundreds of success stories at schools such as Harvard, Stanford, UPenn Wharton, Northwestern Kellogg, and MIT Sloan.

Her past clients also cite Liza’s relentless commitment and positivity as critical factors in their success. Over the years of working with clients, Liza has witnessed the bar to admission at the very top schools continually rise — even for pedigreed individuals from the best private equity, management consulting, venture capital, and tech firms.

She founded Gatehouse Admissions to support applicants in meeting this challenge. Via strong client partnerships and deep investment at every stage of the application process, Liza specializes in helping determined candidates stand out.

About Us

Gatehouse Admissions was founded on a simple truth: getting accepted to Harvard, Stanford, and other top-tier business schools becomes more challenging each year. Candidates need a new level of expertise and commitment from their admissions consultant. Enter Gatehouse Admissions.

At Gatehouse Admissions, coaching MBA applicants is our passion, our talent, and our career — not just a side hobby or a part-time job. And close to 20 years of experience means more expertise for you to draw on.

Moreover, we intentionally keep our client base small. If we select you as a client, your journey becomes intensely personal for us. We will always work as hard for your success as you will.

How we help

Having helped hundreds of applicants gain admission to the world’s most competitive business schools, we know that nothing about the admissions process is formulaic. Yet the services at many admissions consulting firms are. We focus on taking individuals in whom we see exceptional promise and tailoring the application experience to ensure that their candidacies are as compelling as possible.

Our services include:


Personal program

A thorough exploration of your experiences, values, and ambitions to identify stories and messages that will shape your application



Coaching, editing, and an expert’s perspective on your essays, resume, short answers, and other application components



Strategy development for your recommendations, working with both you and your recommenders to ensure effective letters


Interview sessions

Interview training, including multiple mock interview sessions



Access to proprietary tools, rubrics, and processes honed through the years that will make your work more efficient and productive


Expertise and support

Expertise and support throughout every step of the process, from early planning to deciding among acceptances

Gatehouse Coaching Consulting Success Stories

I never would have thought of that seed idea on my own

Less than a year ago I hadn't opened a GMAT textbook and right now I'm on my way back from an admitted students weekend at a school I could only dream of getting into. It's surreal and 100% would not have been possible without Liza. I was referred to Liza through a friend and decided to set up a 30-min free consultation to see what kind of advice I could expect from an admissions consultant and what she thought about

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Above all else, Liza is always on your side

Throughout the entire application process, Liza had this uncanny ability to provide constructive criticism in the most enthusiastic way possible; her comments always motivated me to do better, and it made the work that much easier. I was astounded at how my essays transformed between the first drafts and final products, and I really couldn’t have done it without Liza’s guidance.

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So grateful to Liza for her help!

There were several things that Liza did for me that stood out:
1. She was relentless in probing me for my story. I found it difficult to put together the initial brainstorming document because I was not used to talking/writing about myself. But Liza posed the right questions that helped me tease out the key traits/themes of my story

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