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Why Fortuna Admissions

We have personally reviewed tens of thousands of applications from candidates from all over the world.

We’ve shaped admissions policy, devised the application processes, and had the final say on who gets in.

We know the inside track – what goes on behind the
closed doors of Admissions Committees, how your candi-
dacy will stand up versus the competition, and how you can
best maximize your chances of gaining a coveted place in a
top MBA program.

Our experience gives you a level of MBA admissions insight that you won’t find anywhere else. With our passion for coaching, we can help you bring out the best in yourself so you truly shine in your application and interviews.

Our team consists of former Directors and Associate Directors from top tier business schools, including:

harvard stanford wharton
london insead ieBS NYU
Berkeley ChicagoBooth Kellogg

We can discuss anything that's on your mind - your profile, your chances of admission at your dream school,
or even a tailored service package. Take note of your progress as you review with our online courses.

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Fortuna Admissions services



Our start-to-finish package draws on the expertise of former Directors / Associate Directors of MBA Admissions at the world’s
best b-schools, using our proprietary methodology to provide you with expert coaching through each step of the application

Our Fortuna Coaches have held senior positions at the world’s best MBA programs and are uniquely qualified to help you maximize your chances of gaining a coveted place in a top MBA program.

Comprehensive Package

You will work with a dedicated Expert Coach throughout the entire process, with input from our resume specialist and a mid-point
review of your entire application by one of our former Admissions Directors.

1 package


2 packages


3 packages


4 packages


5 packages



Premium Package

In addition to working with an Expert Coach, the Premium School Package includes guidance by one of our former Admissions
at critical stages of the application process.

1 package


2 packages


3 packages


4 packages


5 packages





Advisory services on an hourly basis, to help you focus on specific areas of the MBA admissions process that require expert input. We also offer discounted hourly rates when you book an hourly package, please contact us for more details.

* 1 hour: minimum booking - 2

Expert coach:







The Admissions
Director’s Evaluation

Not sure if you’ve done all you can to maximize your chances of admission? Submit it first to a Fortuna Admissions Director for a comprehensive review, and get an expert opinion on how your application package will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee, including detailed feedback for improvement.




Interview Prep

Ace the HBS or MIT interview with guidance from a former senior member of the HBS or MIT staff. In this school-specific prep package, you’ll learn the key differentiators that make the HBS and MIT interviews distinctive, what their Admissions Committee is looking for and how to make the best possible impression with your limited time.

This package includes a mock interview session and debrief session. We will also facilitate a debrief following your actual HBS admissions interview and support your crafting of your written reflection before final submission.




Early Stage
MBA Planning

A former Director of MBA Admissions from a top business school will evaluate your profile and preparedness for business school, assessing your strengths and weaknesses and providing you with concrete advice to strengthen your candidacy.




MBA Interview

We’ll brief you on what to expect through an interview strategy session and conduct a mock interview via Skype, providing feedback and coaching to enhance performance.




Group Interview

This option includes a group interview preparation session, a 30-minute group interview with other applicants and individual feedback.




MBA Resume

A Fortuna Admissions Resume Expert will work with you to prepare and fine-tune your resume. In one page you’ll showcase your strengths and achievements to the Admissions Committee and make yourself stand out in the competitive admissions process.





Our waitlist strategy package includes a review of your application package, a debrief with you on your MBA admissions interviews and an assessment of the weaknesses of your candidacy.




Applicant Strategy

A Fortuna Admissions Director will provide a candid assessment of your entire application package and analyze your interview experience, if relevant. We’ll then provide you with an expert opinion on the most likely reasons for your rejection, and help you to develop a reapplication strategy.



Free Resources

Insider’s Top Tips for the world’s top business schools

Complimentary guidebooks for the world’s top business schools, filled with insider perspectives and advice to improve your chances of admissions success.

MBA admissions articles

We regularly provide business school insights for major media such as Forbes, the FT, BusinessWeek, P&Q,
and The Economist.

Fortuna blog

Insider admissions expertise and analysis of the latest business school news and views.

MBA admissions articles

Expert advice on MBA applications.

Fortuna Admissions Success Stories

Solid Services, Average pricing madcatmk3

After many interviews they provided me a full breakdown of the way admissions would view my strengths and weaknesses and what to improve on before applying. While there are a lot of places that offer this kind of service, Fortuna was very easy and pleasant to work with.

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Superb service and
excellent advice

Fortuna is a very ethical company with excellent top rated consultants that give their client the best. Their biggest strength is the speed and customer focus of the whole application process(especially the recommendation to visit the respective campuses before applying to INSEAD and IMD).

Read Debrief
Thanks to Fortuna
I got into INSEAD
my top-choice

Coming from a non-traditional background with multiple jobs, Fortuna guidance was extremely useful in selecting the right stories and addressing my weak points effectively. My essays improved significantly through multiple revisions.

Read Debrief
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Fortuna Admissions Experience Insight Success
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