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Boost your chances of scoring a
700+ by 10x

Boost your chances
of scoring a
700+ by 10x
e-GMATers have reported up to 10X as many 700+ scores as have students from the average GMAT Club partner, whether you look at the last 5 years, 5 months, or 5 weeks. This is a result of Proven and Tested Methods, AI Driven Personalization, and Expert enabled Customer Support.
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What drives the 10x success?
What drives the
10x success?
Meaning in SC
Pre-thinking in CR
Process skills in Quant
Made by Educators who are Inventors
Meaning in SC, Pre-thinking in CR, & Process skills in Quant are a few methods that were first introduced by e-GMAT and have now become industry standards.
AI-Driven Personalization
Whether you target a 700 or a 760; Have 3 months or just 3 weeks – xPERT AI is built to enable success for all scenarios. It ensures that you learn the content you need to master and not study what you already know.
Personalized study plan
With e-GMAT’s Personalized Study Planner, you can create a plan that understands your strengths and weaknesses, define milestones during your GMAT journey, and get precise estimates on how much time you need to excel in a particular subsection.
Course Personalization
The e-GMAT platform is built to enable excellence in all sub-sections in the most efficient manner. It does so with the help of the xPERT AI personalization engine, which does four things – understands your needs, curates an optimal learning path, ensures that you learn to master, and inspires you to achieve your Target GMAT Score.
AI curated review list
xPERT AI engine ensures that you achieve mastery of what you learn by understanding where you are faltering before it’s too late. It provides you with a list of questions that you must revise, and highlights what problems you need to fix in them.
Hyper Specific Improvement Plans
What stops you from improving from 700 to 760? It’s your inability to identify your weaknesses. xPERT AI leverages Scholaranium 2.0 to identify these chinks in your armor, enabling you to create hyper-personalized improvement plans and empowering you to achieve your target GMAT score.
More Feedback points than a private tutor
Every activity, whether a concept video or an application deep dive, has a built-in assessment. This ensures that you build the right foundation by doing revisions wherever needed and attain mastery as you learn new content.
World-Class Support
Student success drives e-GMAT, and our customer success champions embrace that mindset. From providing you with personalized study plans to solving your subject matter doubts to ensuring that you are test ready, they will provide you with the tools required to maximize your performance on the test.
Plans and Pricing
2 Months
GMAT Online Focused
4 Months
GMAT Online Intensive
6 Months
GMAT Online
* For students with starting score of GMAT 620+ and aiming up to 120-point improvement
* For students with a starting score of GMAT 500+ and aiming to score GMAT 700+
* For students with starting score of GMAT 400+ and aiming to score GMAT 700+
GMAT Strategy Onboarding
5 SIGma-X mocks to get an accurate assessment of your abilities
e-GMAT PSP to build a personalized and time-optimal study plan
Top Instructor curated 200+ hours of video lessons
2500+ Application and Exercise Questions
Scholaranium platinum with 2500+GMAT like Questions
24×7 Customer Support
Forum Support
Hyper-Personalized Improvement Plans
Money Back Guarantee
Last Mile Push from e-GMAT
Save $200
Save $300
Save $400
Save $200
Save $300
Save $400
GMAT Club Goodies Included GMAT Club
Goodies Included
GMAT Club Tests
GMAT Club tests (3-month subscription, $250 value) included with every course, whether you purchase GMAT Online Focused, Intensive, or 360.
30% off on GMAT Official Tests
e-GMATers with access to any of the premium courses can directly buy GMAT Official 3&4, and 5&6 at $69 per bundle.
$10 Amazon Gift Card
After you provide a verified review on of your experience with e-GMAT.
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Hear it from the achievers
Hear it from
the achievers
1000s of MBA aspirants have achieved their target GMAT scores with e-GMAT. Get inspired from their journeys to create your own GMAT success story.
Dipinty | 760
I needed professional help to score a 760 to get an admit from my dream b-school, and e-GMAT was just the course to help me achieve that milestone
Dipinty | 760
Shaarang | 740
After spending 5 months on GMAT Preparation and finding myself at a V35 (again) was a huge blow. But, after going through the verbal course of e-GMAT, I was able to hit a V42 in just 14 days. Unbelievable!
Shaarang | 740
quant 2.0 was a total game-changer. The course is extremely exhaustive and teaches you all the concepts you need to know along with the RIGHT PROCESS you should follow, which is key and something I didn't pay attention to earlier.
Aayush Gandhi | 750
I got rejected despite a fantastic profile and a GMAT 710. All hopes were lost until I reached out to e-GMAT support. Their hyper-personalized guidance helped me score a 750, which helped me get an admit from Columbia and also earn a $50k in scholarships
Aayush Gandhi | 750
Experience the e-GMAT
difference for free?
the e-GMAT
difference for free?
Sign-up for e-GMAT’s limited free trial and get free access to
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