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ApplicantLab The Future of MBA Admissions Consulting is Here.

ApplicantLab Your 24-7 Virtual MBA Admissions Consultant $314

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ApplicantLab: A Virtual Admissions Consulting
Platform For This Century


Expert Admissions Advice Ready
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MBA admissions is a tough game. Learn how to win it with ApplicantLab, the only admissions service endorsed by the Harvard Business School student newspaper.

Created by a Harvard MBA, ApplicantLab grants you 24/7 access to the MBA admissions secrets traditional admissions consultants charge thousands of dollars for. You’ll discover how to create your strongest possible application via interactive, online exercises and videos that guide you every step of the way.

Our key features:

100s of exclusive video tutorials that walk you through the MBA application process step-by-step
Instantly find out what AdComs may think of your profile with our Strengths and Weaknesses quiz
Keep your essay brainstorms, notes, and advice all in one place
School-specific advice for the Top 50 Business Schools worldwide
Upgrade for 1-on-1 Extra Help, Essay Editing, & Mock Interviews
24-7 On-Demand Access

Step Into the Lab and Access Free Admissions Advice On Us. No Credit Card Required.

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ApplicantLab Success Stories

“A truly revolutionary way to craft business school applications. Everyone should use it.”

- Editor of the book, "65 Successful Harvard Business School Application Essays"
  • Samuel
    ApplicantLab User
  • “I had been staring at the UCLA essay question for weeks, going in circles. ApplicantLab got to a draft within a few hours.
  • It’s amazing.
  • ApplicantLab far exceeded all of my expectations. I was debating whether or not it was worth hiring a consultant for thousands of dollars. And then ApplicantLab did everything I expected a consultant to do!
  • I was admitted to my top choice with a $50k merit fellowship! Talk about high ROI!”
  • Sumeet
    ApplicantLab User
  • “I had previously spent thousands of dollars on a very famous US-based admissions consulting firm based on so many positive reviews, which was money down the drain.
  • I was shocked to see that the process and advice in the ApplicantLabwas not only identical, but in some cases even better than the advice the expensive firm was giving me.
  • As an Indian national with a technical background, I wasn't sure how to stand out from others in my highly-competitive pool, but thanks to the ApplicantLab, I was able to find a great hook, use my best stories, and get into my top-choice school.
  • Rachel
    ApplicantLab User
  • “I would have made countless mistakes if it weren't for the outstanding guidance (what to do and NOT to do) throughout each section of the ApplicantLab.
  • There is absolutely no way to get such great advice, and from such an experienced source, at a cost this low. I would have been very lost without the Lab.
  • I'm beyond thrilled and so grateful to be attending my dream school (Duke's Fuqua School of Business) this fall.”

How Does ApplicantLab Work?

The ApplicantLab uses interactive exercises and extensive, tailored videos to mimic the same advice process provided by price 1-on-1 consultants.

The early exercises establish a strong foundation from which all of your application materials will be built. You’ll then move through various steps to write essays/resume, work with recommenders, and ace the interview.

Get More For Your Money
With ApplicantLab

100s of Hours
of In-Depth
Admissions Advice

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Schools Included

Other top-tier admissions consultants regularly charge candidates over $4,000 for admissions advice on just ONE school.

ApplicantLab allows you to apply to unlimited schools for less than what those consultants charge for merely one hour of their time. There is simply no other way to access MBA admissions advice this good, this comprehensive, at such a reasonable price.

Build your best applications today with ApplicantLab.

Is ApplicantLab Right For You?

No Quantitative Experience? From an Overrepresented Applicant Pool (i.e. “The Indian Engineer”)? Low GMAT Score?

No problem! ApplicantLab’s unique step-by-step system has helped countless MBA applicants get into their dream school by leveraging their own unique stories to create their most compelling and successful application.

  • Low G.P.A.
  • No Community Service
  • No formal leadership roles
  • No “Blue Chip” College or Work Experience
  • No International Experience
  • Too Old
  • Too Young
  • Over-Represented Group: Indian Engineer
  • Over-Represented Group: Consultant
  • Over-Represented Group: Banker

Click below to read stories of real people who have used
ApplicantLab to successfully
overcome their application weaknesses:


Who’s behind it

Maria Wich-Vila

ApplicantLab Founder

  • Harvard MBA with over a decade of admissions consulting experience
  • Volunteered for Harvard Business School's admissions office to provide free essay and
    interview advice for under-represented groups
  • Represented HBS at admissions events in Los Angeles
  • Princeton University alumni admissions interviewer

Not convinced?

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ApplicantLab success stories from GMATClubbers

Message Board said I had zero chance: I got a full ride!

So I'll preface this review by saying that what ApplicantLab has created is really an incredible, so ease to use tool, at a fraction of the cost of other Admissions Consultants.

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Simply the Best....Period... Rohit6

About me: I belong to an over-represented demography (Indian, mane, engineer) hence I knew from day 1 that I'll need to work extra hard on my applications.

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Reapplicant, Accepted to Columbia with a Fellowship! MaorCohen

As a reapplicant, I knew how stressful and time consuming the application process was, but ApplicantLab broke it down into bite-sized pieces that were easy to follow and allowed me to tackle the application in a principled way, on my own time.

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